Levon Helm / Levon Helm


Released 1982
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Capitol
A1. You Can't Win 'Em All (3:10)
(#/Andy Brown/Tony Chapmann)
A2. Lucrecia (3:33)
(#/Richard Supa)
A3. Even a Fool Would Let Go (3:28)
(#/Kerry Chater/Tom Snow)
A4. I've Got a Bet with Myself (3:56)
(#/David Elliott)
A5. Money (2:44)
(#/Berry Gordy, Jr./Janie Bradford)
B1. Get Out Your Big Roll Daddy (3:39)
(#/Roger Chapman/Troy Seals)
B2. Willie and the Hand Jive (3:00)
(#/Johnny Otis)
B3. The Got Song (3:18)
(#/Tommy Talton)
B4. Give a Little Bit (3:14)
(#/Tommy Talton)
B5. God Bless 'Em All (3:40)
(#/Mickey Buckins)
B6. Summertime Blues (2:25)
(#/Jerry Capehart/Eddie Cochran)
Album ID 2.599

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