Curtis Knight with Jimi Hendrix / Live at George's Club 20


Released 22.04.2017
Discography Live
Venue New Jersey, Hackensack, George's Club
Venue Date 26.Dez.1965 - 22.Jan.1966
Format 2 LP
Label Dagger Records
Live at George's Club 20 (LP 1)
A1. Introduction [Live] (0:41)
A2. Killing Floor [Live] (3:22)
(Howlin' Wolf)
A3. Last Night [Live] (2:24)
(Charles "Packy" Axton/Chips Moman/Floyd Newman/Gil Caple)
A4. Get Out of My Life Woman [Live] (3:48)
(Allen Toussaint)
A5. Ain't That Peculiar [Live] (4:24)
(Marvin Tarplin/Robert Rogers/Smokey Robinson/Warren "Pete" Moore)
B1. Mercy, Mercy [Live] (3:30)
(Don Covay/Ronald Miller)
B2. I'm a Man [Live] (5:17)
(Bo Diddley)
B3. Driving South [Live] (6:03)
(Albert Collins)
B4. Baby What You Want Me to Do [Live] (3:47)
(Jimmy Reed)
Live at George's Club 20 (LP 2)
A1. I'll Be Doggone [Live] (2:57)
(Marvin Tarplin/Smokey Robinson/Warren "Pete" Moore)
A2. Sweet Little Angel [Live] (4:33)
(Robert McCollum)
A3. Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go [Live] (3:55)
(Hank Ballard)
A4. Travelin' To California [Live] (4:30)
(Albert King)
B1. What I Say [Live] (4:52)
(Ray Charles)
B2. Land of 1000 Dances [Live] (4:38)
(Chris Kenner)
B3. Come on (Let the Good Times Roll) [Live] (4:10)
(Earl King)
B4. Band Outro [Live] (0:57)
Album ID 2.595
Band Member Curtis Knight (Guitar/Vocals); Jimi Hendrix (Guitar/Vocals); Ace Hall (Bass Guitar); Ditto Edwards (Drums & Percussion); Lonnie Youngblood (Saxophone)

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