Graham Nash / Songs for Beginners


Released 28.05.1971
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label Atlantic
A1. Military Madness (2:50)
(#/Graham Nash)
A2. Better Days (3:47)
(Graham Nash/#)
A3. Wounded Bird (2:09)
(#/Graham Nash)
A4. I Used to Be a King (4:45)
(#/Graham Nash)
A5. Be Yourself (3:03)
(#/Graham Nash)
B1. Simple Man (2:05)
(#/Graham Nash)
B2. Man in the Mirror (2:47)
(#/Graham Nash)
B3. There's Only One (3:55)
(#/Graham Nash)
B4. Sleep Song (2:57)
(#/Graham Nash)
B5. Chicago (2:55)
(#/Graham Nash)
B6. We Can Change the World (1:00)
(#/Graham Nash)
Album ID 2.593
Production Graham Nash (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Wally Heider Recording Studio (Recording Location)
Band Member Graham Nash (Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Organ); Rita Coolidge (Vocals-Backing); Calvin "Fuzzy" Samuels (Bass Guitar); John Barbata (Drums & Percussion); Chris Ethridge (Bass Guitar); Dorian Rudnytsky (Cello); Bobby Keys (Saxophone); Clydie King (Vocals-Backing); Sherlie Matthews (Vocals-Backing); Venetta Fields (Vocals-Backing)
Guest Musician David Crosby (Guitar); Dave Mason (Guitar); Joel Bernstein (Piano); Neil Young (Guitar); Jerry Garcia (Steel-Guitar); David Lindley (Fiddle)

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