The Animals / Ark


Released 08.1983
Format LP
Label Illegal Records
A1. Loose Change (2:57)
(#/Steve Grant)
A2. Love is for All Time (4:12)
(#/Eric Burdon/Danny Everitt/Terry Wilson)
A3. My Favourite Enemy (3:45)
(#/Steve Grant)
A4. Prisoner of Light (4:05)
(Eric Burdon/Gene Raskin/J. Sterling)
A5. Being There (3:23)
(T. Gemwells)
A6. Hard Times (2:52)
(#/Eric Burdon/J. Sterling)
B1. The Night (3:51)
(#/Eric Burdon/J. Sterling/Dale Evans)
B2. Trying to Get to You (4:15)
(#/Rose Marie McCoy/Charles Singleton)
B3. Just Can't Get Enough (3:52)
(Eric Burdon/J. Sterling)
B4. Melt Down (3:05)
(#/Danny Everitt/Terry Wilson)
B5. Gotta Get Back to You (2:40)
(Danny Everitt/Terry Wilson)
B6. Crystal Nights (4:03)
(Eric Burdon/J. Sterling/Mark Anthony/M. Lewis)
Album ID 2.589
Band Member Eric Burdon (Vocals); Chas Chandler (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Alan Price (Keyboards); John Steel (Drums & Percussion); Hilton Valentine (Guitar)

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