Tina Turner & Ike Turner / 'Nuff Said


Released 1971
Discography 17th Studio Album
Format ----
Label BGO
1. I Love What You Do to Me (2:36)
(Calvin Lane/Philip Reese)
2. Baby (What You Want Me to Do) (3:30)
(Alline Bullock)
3. Sweet Flustrations (2:59)
(Ike Turner/Philip Reese/Leon Ware)
4. What You Don't See (Is Better Yet) (3:19)
(Ike Turner/Calvin Lane/Leon Ware/Tina Turner)
5. 'Nuff Said (3:04)
(Ike Turner/Philip Reese/Brian Lane)
6. Tell the Truth (2:57)
(Ike Turner/Leon Ware)
7. Pick Me Up (Take Me Where Your Home is) (4:27)
(Ike Turner/Alline Bullock/Leon Ware/Tina Turner)
8. Moving Into Hip Style - A Trip Child! (2:50)
(Ike Turner/Leon Ware/Tina Turner)
9. I Love Baby (2:23)
(Calvin Lane/Philip Reese/Tina Turner)
10. Can't You Hear Me Callin' (2:35)
(Leon Ware/Tina Turner)
11. 'Nuff Said (Part II) (2:05)
(Calvin Lane/Philip Reese/Tina Turner)
Album ID 2.562
Band Member Ike Turner (Organ/Guitar); Tina Turner (Vocals); Mary Reed (Saxophone); J.D. Reed (Saxophone); Warren Dawson (Bass Guitar); Edward Burks (Trombone)

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