Epitaph / Fire From the Soul


Released 26.08.2016
Discography 11th Studio Album
Format LP
Label MIG
A1. Nightmare (5:36)
(Cliff Jackson/Bernd Kolbe)
A2. The Way it Used to Be (5:20)
(Cliff Jackson/Pete Sage)
A3. Fighting in the Street (5:00)
(Cliff Jackson/Heinz Glass)
A4. No One Can Save Me (4:57)
(Cliff Jackson)
A5. Man Without a Face (4:52)
(Cliff Jackson/Pete Sage)
B1. Fire From the Soul (8:52)
(Bernd Kolbe/Cliff Jackson)
B2. Spark to Start a Fire (3:55)
(Cliff Jackson)
B3. Sooner or Later (4:25)
(Bernd Kolbe/Cliff Jackson/Heinz Glass)
B4. Rondo Alla Turca (0:36)
(Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
B5. One of These Days (4:55)
(Cliff Jackson)
Album ID 2.555
Production Cliff Jackson (Producer); Roger Wahlmann (Producer)
Band Member Cliff Jackson (Guitar/Vocals); Bernd Kolbe (Bass Guitar); Heinz Glass (Guitar); Achim Poret (Vocals-Backing); Jim McGillivray (Drums & Percussion)
Guest Musician Tim Reese (Violin); Klaus Henatsch (Piano/Organ); Pete Sage (Violin)

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