Jack Bruce / Jet Set Jewel


Released 1978
Discography 06th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Polydor
1. The Boy (4:14)
(#/David Hart/Jack Bruce)
2. Head in the Sun (4:33)
(Tony Hymas/Peter Brown)
3. Neighbour, Neighbour (3:58)
(#/Alton Joseph Valier)
4. Childsong (3:29)
(#/Jack Bruce/Tony Hymas/Peter Brown)
5. Jet Set Jewel (5:25)
(Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
6. Please (2:43)
(Tony Hymas)
7. Maybe the Dawn (4:02)
(Tony Hymas/Pete Brown)
8. Mickey the Fiddler (5:21)
(#/David Hart/Jack Bruce)
9. She's Moving on (6:24)
(David Hart/Jack Bruce)
10. The Best is Still to Come (4:14)
(Jack Bruce/Peter Brown)
Album ID 2.543
Production Dennis MacKay (Producer)
Studio London, Trident Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Jack Bruce (Vocals/Bass Guitar/Piano); Tony Hymas (Keyboards); Hugh Burns (Guitar); Simon Phillips (Drums & Percussion)
Guest Musician Dick Heckstall-Smith (Saxophone)

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