Helen Schneider / Schneider with the Kick


Released 1981
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label WEA
A1. Rock'n' Roll Gypsy (4:50)
(#/Rose Tattoo)
A2. You Really Got Me (2:40)
(Ray Davies)
A3. Shadows of the Night (3:20)
(D.L. Byron)
A4. Turn Me on (3:37)
(Ike Turner)
A5. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (2:55)
(#/Gloria Caldwell/Sol Marcus/Bennie Benjamin)
B1. Let Me Touch You (3:40)
(Bart Brouwer/Bennie Benjamin)
B2. Tinker Tailor (2:30)
(Terry Reid)
B3. Angry Times (5:30)
(Bob Leone/Jimmy Crespo/Marge Raymond)
B4. I'd Like to Be a Child Again / Helen Schneider feat. Udo Lindenberg (5:15)
(Udo Lindenberg/Jean-Jacques Kravetz)
B5. When the Dream is Over / Helen Schneider feat. Udo Lindenberg (1:40)
(Udo Lindenberg)
Album ID 254

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