Pete Townshend / Who Came First


Released 10.1972
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label Polydor
A1. Pure and Easy (5:25)
(#/Pete Townshend)
A2. Evolution (3:33)
(#/Ronnie Lane)
A3. Forever's No Time at All (2:50)
(Billy Nicholls/Katie Mclnnerney)
A4. Let's See Action (6:15)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B1. Time is Passing (3:25)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B2. There's a Heartache Following Me (3:15)
(#/Ray Baker)
B3. Sheraton Gibson (2:40)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B4. Content (2:30)
(#/Pete Townshend/Maud Kennedy)
B5. Parvardigar (6:43)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B6. His Hands [Instrumental/Bonus] (2:08)
(Pete Townshend)
B7. Day of Silence [Bonus] (2:58)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B8. Sleeping Dog [Bonus] (2:57)
(#/Pete Townshend)
Album ID 2.533
Production Pete Townshend (Producer)
Studio London, Eel Pie Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Pete Townshend (Vocals/Guitar/Bass Guitar/Drums & Percussion)
Guest Musician Ronnie Lane (Guitar/Vocals); Billy Nicholls (Guitar/Vocals); Caleb Quaye (Guitar/Percussion/Bass Guitar)

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