Jack Bruce / I've Always Wanted to Do This


Released 12.1980
Discography 07th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Epic
A1. Hit and Run (3:36)
(#/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
A2. Running Back (3:51)
(#/Clem Clempson/David Sancious/Gary Bell)
A3. Facelift 318 (3:24)
(#/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
A4. In This Way (3:58)
(#/Pete Brown/David Sancious)
A5. Mickey the Fiddler (5:13)
(#/Jack Bruce/David Hart)
B1. Dancing on Air (3:54)
(#/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
B2. Livin' Without Ja (3:12)
(#/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
B3. Wind and the Sea (3:23)
(#/Billy Cobham)
B4. Out to Lunch (2:44)
(#/Clem Clempson/Gary Bell)
B5. Bird Alone (6:55)
(#/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
Album ID 2.530
Production Jack Bruce (Producer); Clem Clempson (Producer); Billy Cobham (Producer); David Sancious (Producer); Bob Ludwig (Mastering)
Studio New Jersey, West Orange, House of Music (Recording Location)
Band Member Jack Bruce (Vocals/Bass Guitar/Harp); Clem Clempson (Guitar); Billy Cobham (Drums & Percussion); David Sancious (Keyboards/Guitar)
Guest Musician Gary Bell; Vin Scelsa (Voice-Spoken)

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