Colosseum II / Strange New Flesh


Released 04.1976
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label Bronze
A1. Dark Side of the Moog [Instrumental] (6:17)
(Don Airey/Gary Moore)
A2. Down to You (9:02)
(#/Don Airey/Joni Mitchell)
A3. Gemini and Leo (4:47)
(#/Gary Moore/John Hiseman)
B1. Secret Places (3:57)
(#/Gary Moore/John Hiseman)
B2. On Second Thoughts (7:23)
(#/Gary Moore)
B3. Winds (10:23)
(#/Gary Moore/John Hiseman)
Album ID 2.524
Production John Hiseman (Producer)
Studio London, Roundhouse Recording Studio (Recording Location)
Band Member John Hiseman (Drums & Percussion); Gary Moore (Guitar); Don Airey (Keyboards/Synthesizer); Neil Murray (Bass Guitar); Mike Starrs (Vocals)

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