Sweet Smoke / Darkness to Light


Released 1973
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format CD
Label Eastworld
1. Just an Empty Dream (4:24)
(Steve Rosenstein)
2. I'd Rather Burn Than Disappear (4:18)
(Steve Rosenstein)
3. Kundalini (13:28)
(Steve Rosenstein/Traditional/Marvin Kaminowitz)
4. Believe Me My Friends (4:30)
(Marvin Kaminowitz)
5. Show Me the Way to the War (5:33)
(Jeffrey Dershin)
6. Darkness to Light (12:50)
(Michael Paris)
Album ID 2.523
Band Member Jay Dorfman (Drums & Percussion); Andy Dershin (Bass Guitar); Marvin Kaminowitz (Vocals/Guitar); Steve Rosenstein (Guitar/Violin/Vocals); Michael Paris (Saxophone/Flute/Percussion); Jeffrey Dershin (Piano/Percussion/Vocals)

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