Jackson Browne / Lawyers In Love


Released 02.08.1983
Discography 07th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Asylum
1. Lawyers In Love (4:22)
(#/Jackson Browne)
2. On The Day (3:59)
(#/Jackson Browne)
3. Cut It Away (4:47)
(#/Jackson Browne)
4. Downtown (4:08)
(#/Jackson Browne)
5. Tender Is The Night (4:53)
(#/Jackson Browne/Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar/Russ Kunkel)
6. Knock On Any Door (3:38)
(#/Jackson Browne/Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar/Craig Doerge)
7. Say It Isn't True (5:25)
(#/Jackson Browne)
8. For A Rocker (4:05)
(#/Jackson Browne)
Album ID 2.518
Production Jackson Browne (Producer); Greg Ladanyi (Producer/Engineer/Mixing); Doug Sax (Mastering); Mike Reese (Mastering)
Studio Los Angeles, Downtown Studios (Mixing Location/Recording Location); Los Angeles, Mastering Lab (Mastering Location)
Band Member Jackson Browne (Guitar-Electric/Vocals); Craig Doerge (Piano/Synthesizer); Doug Haywood (Vocals-Backing/Organ/Bass Guitar); Rick Vito (Guitar-Electric/Vocals-Backing); Russ Kunkel (Drums & Percussion); Bob Glaub (Guitar-Electric/Bass Guitar/Organ)

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