Graham Nash / Songs for Survivors


Released 30.07.2002
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Artemis
1. Dirty Little Secret (4:22)
(#/Graham Nash/Russ Kunkel)
2. Blizzard of Lies (4:08)
(#/Graham Nash)
3. Lost Another One (3:21)
(#/Graham Nash)
4. The Chelsea Hotel (3:55)
(#/Graham Nash)
5. I'll Be There for You (3:43)
(#/Graham Nash/Joe Vitale/Doug Ingoldsby)
6. Nothing in the World (5:21)
(#/Graham Nash)
7. Where Love Lies Tonight (3:13)
(#/Graham Nash/Joe Vitale)
8. Pavanne (5:13)
(#/Linda Thompson/Richard Thompson)
9. Liar's Nightmare (8:09)
(#/Graham Nash/Jean Ritchie)
10. Come with Me (2:37)
(#/Graham Nash)
Album ID 2.504
Production Graham Nash (Producer); Russ Kunkel (Producer); Nate Kunkel (Producer)
Band Member Graham Nash (Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica); Russ Kunkel (Drums & Percussion); Matt Rollings (Keyboards); Victor Krauss (Bass Guitar); Dan Dugmore (Guitar/Steel-Guitar); Dean Parks (Guitar); Lenny Castro (Percussion); David Crosby (Vocals-Backing)

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