Scorpions / Fly to the Rainbow


Released 01.11.1974
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format LP
Label RCA
A1. Speedy's Coming (3:32)
(#/Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
A2. They Need a Million (4:47)
(#/Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
A3. Drifting Sun (7:39)
(#/Uli Jon Roth)
A4. Fly People Fly (4:59)
(#/Klaus Meine/Michael Schenker)
B1. This is My Song (4:06)
(#/Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
B2. Far Away (5:35)
(#/Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker/Michael Schenker)
B3. Fly to the Rainbow (9:31)
(#/Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
Album ID 250
Band Member Klaus Meine (Vocals); Rudolf Schenker (Guitar-Electric/Guitar); Francis Buchholz (Bass Guitar); Uli Jon Roth (Guitar); Jürgen Rosenthal (Drums & Percussion)

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