Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship / Blows Against the Empire


Released 11.1970
Format CD
Label RCA
1. Mau Mau (Amerikon) (6:37)
(Grace Slick/Joey Covington/Paul Kantner)
2. The Baby Tree (1:44)
(Rosalie Sorrells)
3. Let's Go Together (4:23)
(Paul Kantner)
4. A Child is Coming (6:19)
(Grace Slick/Paul Kantner/David Crosby)
5. Sunrise (1:53)
(Grace Slick)
6. Hijack (8:17)
(Grace Slick/Paul Kantner/Gary Blackman/Marty Balin)
7. Home (0:36)
(Paul Kantner/Graham Nash/Phill Sawyer)
8. Have You Seen the Stars Tonite (3:43)
(Paul Kantner/David Crosby)
9. X-M (1:24)
(Paul Kantner/Phill Sawyer/Jerry Garcia/Mickey Hart)
10. Starship (7:07)
(Grace Slick/Paul Kantner/Gary Blackman/Marty Balin)
11. Let's Go Together [Alternate Lyrics - Bonus] (4:22)
(Paul Kantner)
12. Sunrise [Acoustic Demo Tk 8 - Bonus] (1:21)
(Grace Slick)
13. Hijack [Acoustic Demo Tk 5 - Bonus] (7:02)
(Grace Slick/Paul Kantner/Gary Blackman/Marty Balin)
14. SFX [Bonus] (2:04)
(Phill Sawyer/Jerry Garcia/Mickey Hart)
15. Starship [Live/Bonus] / Jefferson Airplane (13:04)
(Grace Slick/Paul Kantner/Gary Blackman/Marty Balin)
Album ID 2.471
Production Paul Kantner (Producer)
Studio San Francisco, Pacific High Recording Studio (Recording Location); San Francisco, Wally Heider Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Grace Slick (Piano/Vocals); Paul Kantner (Vocals/Guitar); Joey Covington (Drums & Percussion/Vocals); Peter Kaukonen (Guitar); Jerry Garcia (Guitar/Vocals); Bill Kreutzmann (Drums & Percussion); David Crosby (Vocals/Guitar); Jack Casady (Bass Guitar); Graham Nash (Vocals); Phill Sawyer (Programming); Mickey Hart (Percussion); Harvey Brooks (Bass Guitar)

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