Jackson Browne / Late for the Sky


Released 09.1974
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Asylum
A1. Late for the Sky (5:43)
(#/Jackson Browne)
A2. Fountain of Sorrow (6:51)
(#/Jackson Browne)
A3. Farther on (5:21)
(#/Jackson Browne)
A4. The Late Show (5:14)
(#/Jackson Browne)
B1. The Road and the Sky (3:08)
(#/Jackson Browne)
B2. For a Dancer (4:47)
(#/Jackson Browne)
B3. Walking Slow (3:55)
(#/Jackson Browne)
B4. Before the Deluge (6:22)
(#/Jackson Browne)
Album ID 2.457
Production Al Schmitt (Producer); Jackson Browne (Producer)
Studio Hollywood, Sunset Sound Recorders (Recording Location)
Band Member Doug Haywood (Bass Guitar); Jai Winding (Piano); Larry Zack (Drums & Percussion); David Lindley (Guitar-Electric/Fiddle)

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