Roger McGuinn / Back From Rio


Released 01.1991
Discography 06th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Arista
1. Someone to Love (3:32)
(Camilla McGuinn/Roger McGuinn)
2. Car Phone (4:33)
(Roger McGuinn/Mike Campbell)
3. You Bowed Down (3:52)
(Elvis Costello)
4. Suddenly Blue (3:50)
(Roger McGuinn/David Morgan/Scott Cutler)
5. The Trees Are All Gone (3:54)
(Camilla McGuinn/Roger McGuinn)
6. King of the Hill (5:28)
(Roger McGuinn/Tom Petty)
7. Without Your Love (3:59)
(Camilla McGuinn/Roger McGuinn)
8. The Time Has Come (3:44)
(Roger McGuinn/Scott Cutler)
9. Your Love is a Gold Mine (4:29)
(Roger McGuinn/David A. Stewart)
10. If We Never Meet Again (4:27)
(Jules Shear)
Album ID 2.438
Production David Cole (Producer); Roger McGuinn (Producer)
Band Member Roger McGuinn (Guitar/Vocals); Stan Lynch (Drums & Percussion); George Hawkins (Bass Guitar); John Jorgenson (Guitar/Saxophone); Michael Thompson (Guitar); David Cole (Percussion); Mike Campbell (Steel-Guitar/Guitar); Dan Higgins (Saxophone); Benmont Tench (Guitar/Keyboards)
Guest Musician Stan Ridgway (Voice-Spoken); Elvis Costello (Vocals-Backing); David Crosby (Vocals-Backing); Chris Hillman (Vocals-Backing); Tom Petty (Vocals-Backing); Timothy B. Schmit (Vocals-Backing); Steve Soles (Vocals-Backing); Michael Penn (Vocals-Backing/Guitar)

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