Joss Stone / Water for Your Soul


Released 31.07.2015
Discography 07th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Stone'd Records
1. Love Me (5:06)
(#/Joss Stone/Damian Marley)
2. This Ain't Love (4:28)
(#/Joss Stone/Jonathan Shorten)
3. Stuck on You (4:18)
(#/Joss Stone/Jonathan Shorten)
4. Star (5:07)
(#/Joss Stone/Jonathan Shorten)
5. Let Me Breathe (5:15)
(#/Joss Stone/Jonathan Shorten/Connor Reeves/Nick Ramm)
6. Cut the Line (4:06)
(#/Joss Stone/Jonathan Shorten)
7. Wake Up (4:44)
(Joss Stone/Damian Marley/Jonathan Shorten/Connor Reeves)
8. Way Oh (5:49)
(#/Joss Stone/Jonathan Shorten/Marc Cyril/'Level' Neville Malcolm/Richie Stevens)
9. Underworld (4:08)
(Joss Stone/Jonathan Shorten/'Level' Neville Malcolm/Richie Stevens)
10. Molly Town (3:34)
(#/Joss Stone/Jonathan Shorten)
11. Sensimilla (4:17)
(#/Joss Stone/Jonathan Shorten/Dennis Bovell)
12. Harry's Symphony (3:54)
(#/Barrington Levy/Cocoa Tea)
13. Clean Water (4:30)
(#/Joss Stone/Marc Cyril)
14. The Answer (4:46)
(#/Joss Stone/Jonathan Shorten/Dennis Bovell)
Album ID 2.416
Production Jonathan Shorten (Producer); Joss Stone (Producer)
Studio Devon, Home Grown Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Joss Stone (Vocals); Pete Iannacone (Bass Guitar); Jonathan Shorten (Keyboards); Leon Mobley (Drums & Percussion); Stanley Andrews (Guitar); 'Level' Neville Malcolm (Bass Guitar/Guitar); Alan Weekes (Guitar); Nitin Sawhney (Guitar); Dennis Bovell (Bass Guitar); Ricardo Jordan (Drums & Percussion); Marc Cyril (Bass Guitar)

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