Jimi Hendrix / Valleys of Neptune


Released 05.03.2010
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Legacy
1. Stone Free (3:46)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
2. Valleys of Neptune (4:04)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
3. Bleeding Heart (6:23)
(#/Elmore James)
4. Hear My Train a Comin' (7:32)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
5. Mr. Bad Luck (2:58)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
6. Sunshine of Your Love [Instrumental] (6:47)
(Eric Clapton/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
7. Lover Man (4:17)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
8. Ships Passing Through the Night (5:52)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
9. Fire (3:12)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
10. Red House (8:22)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
11. Lullaby for the Summer [Instrumental] (3:48)
(Jimi Hendrix)
12. Crying Blue Rain (4:56)
(Jimi Hendrix)
Album ID 2.395
Production Jimi Hendrix (Producer); Chas Chandler (Producer)
Studio New York, Record Plant Studios (Recording Location); London, Olympic Studios (Recording Location); London, Air Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Jimi Hendrix (Vocals/Guitar); Billy Cox (Bass Guitar); Mitch Mitchell (Drums & Percussion); Juma Sultan (Percussion-Various); Rocky Isaac (Drums & Percussion); Noel Redding (Bass Guitar); Rocky Dzidzornu (Percussion-Various)
Guest Musician Andy Fairweather Low (Vocals-Backing); Roger Chapman (Vocals-Backing)

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