Van Morrison / Saint Dominic's Preview


Released 07.1972
Discography 06th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Polygram
1. Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile) (3:00)
(#/Van Morrison)
2. Gypsy (4:38)
(#/Van Morrison)
3. I Will Be There (3:03)
(#/Van Morrison)
4. Listen to the Lion (11:08)
(#/Van Morrison)
5. Saint Dominic's Preview (6:25)
(#/Van Morrison)
6. Redwood Tree (3:05)
(#/Van Morrison)
7. Almost Independence Day (10:05)
(#/Van Morrison)
Album ID 2.384
Production Ted Temperton (Producer); Van Morrison (Producer)
Studio San Francisco, Wally Heider Studios (Recording Location); San Francisco, Pacific High Recording Studio (Recording Location)
Band Member Van Morrison (Vocals/Guitar); Bill Church (Bass Guitar); Ron Elliott (Guitar); Connie Kay (Drums & Percussion); Jack Schroer (Saxophone); Rick Schlosser (Drums & Percussion); Mark Naftalin (Synthesizer)

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