Roger Daltrey / Can't Wait to See the Movie


Released 06.1987
Discography 07th Studio Album
Format CD
Label EMI
1. Hearts of Fire (5:06)
(#/Russ Ballard)
2. When the Thunder Comes (3:39)
(#/Chas Sandford/Damon Metrebian)
3. Ready for Love (3:28)
(#/Kit Hain)
4. Balance on Wires (6:22)
(#/Don Snow/Roger Daltrey)
5. Miracle of Love (4:37)
(#/Jimmy Scott/Mark Morgan)
6. The Price of Love (4:16)
(#/David Foster/Jack Blades)
7. The Heart Has Its Reasons (4:11)
(#/Jimmy Scott)
8. Alone in the Night (4:27)
(#/Larry Lee/Richie Zito/Steve Bates/Tom Whitlock)
9. Lover's Storm (3:53)
(#/Gary Usher/Tom Kelly)
10. Take Me Home (5:46)
(#/Roger Daltrey/Axel Bauer/Michael Eli/Nigel Hinton)
Album ID 2.366
Production Alan Shacklock (Producer); Chas Sandford (Producer); Jimmy Scott (Producer); David Foster (Producer)
Band Member Roger Daltrey (Vocals); Tony Beard (Drums & Percussion); Clem Clempson (Guitar); Gary Grainger (Guitar); Chas Sandford (Guitar); Nick Glennie-Smith (Keyboards); Martin Ditchman (Drums & Percussion); John van Tongeren (Keyboards); Gary Barnacle (Saxophone); David Foster (Keyboards); Michael Landau (Guitar); Rev. Dave Boruff (Saxophone/Synthesizer); Michael Boddicker (Synthesizer); Tris Imboden (Drums & Percussion); Jimmy Scott (Vocals-Backing); Phil Brown (Guitar/Bass Guitar); Mark Morgan (Keyboards); Bimbo Acock (Saxophone); John Payne (Vocals-Backing)
Guest Musician Russ Ballard (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Don Snow (Keyboards)

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