Loreena McKennitt / Troubadours on the Rhine


Released 2012
Discography Live
Venue Mainz, SWR Studio
Venue Date 24.Mrz.2011
Format CD
Label Quinlan Road
1. Bonny Portmore [Live] (3:45)
2. Down by the Sally Gardens [Live] (4:22)
(Traditional/William Butler Yeats)
3. The Wind That Shakes the Barley [Live] (4:45)
(Traditional/Robert Dwyer Joyce)
4. Between the Shadows [Live/Instrumental] (4:25)
(Loreena McKennitt)
5. The Lady of Shalott [Live] (6:57)
(Loreena McKennitt/Alfred Tennyson)
6. The Stolen Child [Live] (5:14)
(William Butler Yeats/Loreena McKennitt)
7. Penelope's Song [Live] (3:53)
(Loreena McKennitt)
8. The Bonny Swans [Live] (5:52)
9. The Parting Glass [Live] (5:10)
Album ID 2.365
Production Bob Ludwig (Mastering); Loreena McKennitt (Producer)
Studio Mainz, SWR-Studio (Recording Location)
Band Member Brian Hughes (Acoustic Guitar/Guitar-Electric); Caroline Lavelle (Cello); Loreena McKennitt (Piano/Vocals-Lead/Harp)

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