Mountain / Climbing


Released 07.03.1970
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format CD
Label Legacy
1. Mississippi Queen (2:31)
(Leslie West/Felix Pappalardi/Corky Laing/David Rea)
2. Theme for an Imaginary Western (5:07)
(#/Jack Bruce/Peter Brown)
3. Never in My Life (3:53)
(Corky Laing/Felix Pappalardi/Leslie West/Gail Collins)
4. Silver Paper (3:18)
(Corky Laing/Felix Pappalardi/Leslie West/Gail Collins/Steve Knight/George Gardos)
5. For Yasgur's Farm (3:23)
(Felix Pappalardi/Corky Laing/David Rea/Gail Collins/George Gardos/Gary Ship)
6. To My Friend (3:38)
(Leslie West)
7. The Laird (4:39)
(Felix Pappalardi/Gail Collins)
8. Sittin' On a Rainbow (2:22)
(Leslie West/Corky Laing/Gail Collins)
9. Boys in the Band (3:43)
(Felix Pappalardi/Gail Collins)
10. For Yasgur's Farm [Live/Bonus] (4:18)
(Corky Laing/David Rea/Felix Pappalardi/Gail Collins/George Gardos/Gary Ship)
Album ID 2.360
Production Felix Pappalardi (Producer)
Studio New York, Record Plant Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Leslie West (Vocals/Guitar); Felix Pappalardi (Bass Guitar/Piano/Vocals/Keyboards-Various); Corky Laing (Drums & Percussion); Steve Knight (Organ/Keyboards)

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