Van Morrison / Poetic Champions Compose


Released 09.1987
Discography 17th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Mercury
1. Spanish Steps [Instrumental] (5:23)
(Van Morrison)
2. The Mystery (5:17)
(#/Van Morrison)
3. Queen of the Slipstream (4:54)
(#/Van Morrison)
4. I Forgot That Love Existed (4:20)
(#/Van Morrison)
5. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (4:29)
6. Celtic Excavation [Instrumental] (3:20)
(Van Morrison)
7. Someone Like You (4:08)
(#/Van Morrison)
8. Alan Watts Blues (4:25)
(#/Van Morrison)
9. Give Me My Rapture (3:46)
(#/Van Morrison)
10. Did Ye Get Healed? (4:08)
(#/Van Morrison)
11. Allow Me [Instrumental] (3:54)
(Van Morrison)
Album ID 2.344
Production Van Morrison (Producer)
Studio London, Trident Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Van Morrison (Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica/Saxophone); Neil Drinkwater (Piano/Synthesizer); Roy Jones (Drums & Percussion); Steve Pearce (Bass Guitar); June Boyce (Vocals-Backing); Fiachra Trench (Strings/Organ); Kate St. John (Oboe)

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