Van Morrison / Days Like This


Released 05.06.1995
Discography 23rd Studio Album
Format CD
Label Polydor
1. Perfect Fit (4:36)
(#/Van Morrison)
2. Russian Roulette (4:00)
(#/Van Morrison)
3. Raincheck (5:54)
(#/Van Morrison)
4. You Don't Know Me (4:35)
(#/Cindy Walker/Eddy Arnold)
5. No Religion (5:17)
(#/Van Morrison)
6. Underlying Depression (4:38)
(#/Van Morrison)
7. Songwriter (2:51)
(#/Van Morrison)
8. Days Like This (3:17)
(#/Van Morrison)
9. I'll Never Be Free (3:41)
(#/Bennie Benjamin/George David Weiss)
10. Melancholia (3:58)
(#/Van Morrison)
11. Ancient Highway (8:55)
(#/Van Morrison)
12. In the Afternoon (6:22)
(#/Van Morrison)
Album ID 2.343
Production Van Morrison (Producer); Phil Coulter (Producer)
Studio Bath, Wool Hall Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Van Morrison (Vocals/Harmonica); Ronnie Johnson (Guitar); Geoff Dunn (Drums & Percussion); Richard Scott (Bass Guitar); Pee Wee Ellis (Saxophone); Leo Green (Saxophone); Matt Holland (Trumpet); Shana Morrison (Vocals); Brian Kennedy (Vocals-Backing); Kate St. John (Oboe); Teena Lyle (Vocals-Backing); Liam Bradley (Drums & Percussion); Phil Coulter (Piano); Arty McGlynn (Guitar); Noel Eccles (Drums & Percussion)

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