Peter Hammill / The Love Songs


Released 2007
Discography Compilation
Format CD
Label EMI
1. Just Good Friends (3:55)
(Peter Hammill)
2. My Favourite (3:04)
(Peter Hammill)
3. Been Alone So Long (5:03)
(Christopher Judge Smith)
4. Ophelia (3:11)
(Peter Hammill)
5. Again (3:38)
(Peter Hammill)
6. If I Could (5:04)
(Peter Hammill)
7. Vision (3:18)
(Peter Hammill)
8. Don't Tell Me (4:43)
(Peter Hammill)
9. The Birds (3:43)
(Peter Hammill)
10. (This Side Of) The Looking Glass (6:59)
(Peter Hammill)
Album ID 2.322
Production Peter Hammill (Producer); John Anthony (Producer)
Band Member Peter Hammill (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards/Synthesizer/Harmonium); Guy Evans (Drums & Percussion); John Ellis (Guitar); Nic Potter (Bass Guitar); David Jackson (Saxophone); Stuart Gordon (Violin); Graham Smith (Violin); Morris Pert (Percussion); Phil Harrison (Keyboards); Hugh Banton (Piano/Organ/Vocals-Backing)
Guest Musician Robert Fripp (Guitar)

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