Jack Bruce / Silver Rails


Released 03.2014
Discography 14th Studio Album
Format CD + DVD
Label Esoteric Antenna
1. Candlelight (4:20)
(#/Jack Bruce/Margrit Seyffer)
2. Reach for the Night (6:19)
(#/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
3. Fields of Forever (4:35)
(#/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
4. Hidden Cities (5:01)
(#/Jack Bruce/Kip Hanrahan)
5. Don't Look Now (5:06)
(#/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
6. Rusty Lady (5:13)
(#/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
7. Industrial Child (3:40)
(#/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
8. Drone (4:47)
(#/Jack Bruce)
9. Keep it Down (4:57)
(#/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
10. No Surrender (3:33)
(#/Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
Album ID 2.319
Band Member Jack Bruce (Vocals/Bass Guitar/Piano); John Medeski (Keyboards); Phil Manzanera (Guitar); Frank Tontoh (Drums & Percussion); Tony Remy (Guitar); Rob Cass (Percussion/Vocals-Backing); Malcolm Bruce (Guitar); Cindy Blackman (Drums & Percussion); Kyla Bruce (Vocals-Backing); Aruba Red (Vocals-Backing); Milos Pal (Drums & Percussion); Bernie Marsden (Guitar)
Guest Musician Uli Jon Roth (Guitar)

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