Robert Cray / Strong Persuader


Released 11.1986
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Mercury
1. Smoking Gun (4:09)
(#/David Amy/Richard Cousins/Robert Cray)
2. I Guess I Showed Her (3:40)
(#/Robert Cray)
3. Right Next Door (Because of Me) (4:21)
(#/Robert Cray/Dennis Walker)
4. Nothin' But a Woman (3:58)
(#/Richard Cousins/Robert Cray/Bruce Bromberg/David Olson/Peter Boe)
5. Still Around (3:43)
(#/Robert Cray)
6. More Than I Can Stand (2:58)
(#/Robert Cray)
7. Foul Play (4:07)
(#/Robert Cray)
8. I Wonder (3:57)
(#/Robert Cray)
9. Fantasized (4:05)
(#/Robert Cray)
10. New Blood (4:20)
(#/Robert Cray)
Album ID 2.294
Production Dennis Walker (Producer); Robert Cray (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Sage & Sound (Recording Location)
Band Member Robert Cray (Vocals/Guitar); Richard Cousins (Bass Guitar); David Olson (Drums & Percussion); Peter Boe (Keyboards)
Guest Musician The Memphis Horns (Horn)

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