Brian Auger; Chris Farlowe; Pete York / Olympic Rock & Blues Circus


Released 1981
Format CD
Label Disky
1. New Orleans Street March (5:08)
(Brian Auger)
2. I Never Loved a Girl (The Way That I Love You) (3:50)
(Ronnie Shannon)
3. Motorboat [Instrumental] (5:28)
(James Campagnola)
4. The Devil Rides the Speed Boat [Instrumental] (5:11)
(Charly Eichert)
5. Everyrhing's Wrong (4:32)
(Chris Farlowe)
6. Crocodile Or: I Don't Think I Can Keep My Mouth Open for That Long [Instrumental] (5:17)
(Jeff Reynolds)
Album ID 2.271
Studio Ludwigsburg, Tonstudio Bauer (Recording Location)
Band Member Brian Auger (Organ/Piano); Chris Farlowe (Vocals); John Marshall (Guitar); Steve Richardson (Bass Guitar); Charly Eichert (Drums & Percussion); Pete York (Drums & Percussion); Jeff Reynolds (Trumpet); James Campagnola (Saxophone); Andrew Pet (Trombone)

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