Roger Chapman / Hyenas Only Laugh for Fun


Released 12.1981
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Line Records
A1. Prisoner (5:38)
(#/Roger Chapman/Geoff Whitehorn/Tim Hinkley)
A2. Hyenas Only Laugh for Fun (3:10)
(#/Roger Chapman/Geoff Whitehorn/Tim Hinkley/Jerome Rimson)
A3. Killing Time (5:35)
(#/Roger Chapman)
A4. Wants Nothing Chained (3:00)
(#/Roger Chapman/Geoff Whitehorn)
A5. The Long Goodbye (4:39)
(#/Roger Chapman)
B1. Blood and Sand (4:55)
(#/Roger Chapman/Geoff Whitehorn)
B2. Common Touch (5:10)
(#/Roger Chapman)
B3. Goodbye Reprise [Instrumental] (1:10)
(Roger Chapman)
B4. Hearts on the Floor (4:30)
(#/Roger Chapman)
B5. Step Up - Take a Bow (3:30)
(#/Roger Chapman/Geoff Whitehorn)
B6. Jukebox Mama (1:22)
(#/Roger Chapman/Geoff Whitehorn)
Album ID 2.261
Band Member Roger Chapman (Vocals/Harmonica); Tim Hinkley (Keyboards); Geoff Whitehorn (Guitar); Steve Simpson (Violin/Mandolin); Jerome Rimson (Bass Guitar); John Wetton (Bass Guitar); Alan Coulter (Drums & Percussion)

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