Dexys Midnight Runners / One Day I'm Going to Soar


Released 04.06.2012
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format CD
Label BMG
1. Now (6:47)
(#/Kevin Rowland/Jim Paterson/Mick Talbot)
2. Lost (3:00)
(#/Kevin Rowland/Alex James/Pete Williams)
3. Me (4:17)
(#/Kevin Rowland/Mick Talbot/Simon Dine)
4. She Got a Wiggle (4:27)
(#/Kevin Rowland/Jim Paterson/Mick Talbot)
5. You (3:32)
(#/Kevin Rowland/Mick Talbot)
6. I'm Thinking of You (7:02)
(#/Kevin Rowland/Jim Paterson/Mick Talbot)
7. I'm Always Going to Love You (5:37)
(#/Kevin Rowland/Mick Talbot/Madeleine Hyland)
8. Incapable of Love (5:29)
(#/Kevin Rowland/Jim Paterson/Mick Talbot)
9. Nowhere is Home (4:57)
(#/Kevin Rowland/Mick Talbot/Glen Matlock)
10. Free (3:43)
(#/Natasha McCluney/Kevin Rowland/Mick Talbot)
11. It's O.K. John Joe (7:54)
(#/Kevin Rowland/Mick Talbot/Ben Brierley)
Album ID 2.252
Production Kevin Rowland (Producer); Mick Talbot (Producer)
Band Member Kevin Rowland (Vocals); Mick Talbot (Keyboards/Piano); Pete Williams (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Neil Hubbard (Guitar); Ralph Salmins (Drums & Percussion); Lucy Morgan (Viola); Ben Trigg (Cello); Troy Miller (Drums & Percussion); Tim Cansfield (Guitar); Jody Linscott (Percussion); Madeleine Hyland (Vocals); Geoff Dunn (Drums & Percussion); Jim Paterson (Trombone)

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