Elton John / Victim of Love


Released 13.10.1979
Discography 13th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Mercury
1. Johnny B. Goode (8:06)
(#/Chuck Berry)
2. Warm Love in a Cold World (4:30)
(#/Gunther Moll/Pete Bellotte/Stefan Wisnet)
3. Born Bad (5:12)
(#/Pete Bellotte/Geoff Bastow)
4. Thunder in the Night (4:40)
(#/Pete Bellotte/Michael Hofman)
5. Spotlight (4:23)
(#/Gunther Moll/Pete Bellotte/Stefan Wisnet)
6. Street Boogie (3:57)
(#/Gunther Moll/Pete Bellotte/Stefan Wisnet)
7. Victim of Love (4:55)
(#/Pete Bellotte/Jerry Rix/Sylvester LeVay)
Album ID 2.232
Production Pete Bellotte (Producer)
Studio München, Musicland Studios (Recording Location); Hollywood, Rusk Sound Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Elton John (Vocals); Craig Snyder (Guitar); Julia Waters (Vocals-Backing); Keith Forsey (Drums & Percussion); Marcus Miller (Bass Guitar); Maxine Waters (Vocals-Backing); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion); Roy Davies (Keyboards); Staphanie Spruill (Vocals-Backing); Thor Baldursson (Keyboards); Tim Cansfield (Guitar)

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