Norah Jones / The Fall


Released 17.11.2009
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format CD
Label EMI
1. Chasing Pirates (2:40)
(#/Norah Jones)
2. Even Though (3:52)
(#/Norah Jones/Jesse Harris)
3. Light as a Feather (3:52)
(#/Norah Jones/Ryan Adams)
4. Young Blood (3:38)
(#/Norah Jones/Mike Martin)
5. I Wouldn't Need You (3:30)
(#/Norah Jones)
6. Waiting (3:31)
(#/Norah Jones)
7. It's Gonna Be (3:11)
(#/Norah Jones)
8. You've Ruined Me (2:45)
(#/Norah Jones)
9. Back to Manhattan (4:09)
(#/Norah Jones)
10. Stuck (5:15)
(#/Norah Jones/Will Sheff)
11. December (3:05)
(#/Norah Jones)
12. Tell Yer Mama (3:25)
(#/Norah Jones/Jesse Harris/Richard Julian)
13. Man of the Hour (2:56)
(#/Norah Jones)
Album ID 2.205
Production Jacquire King (Engineer/Mixing/Producer)
Band Member Norah Jones (Vocals/Piano/Guitar-Electric/Acoustic Guitar/Percussion-Various/Zither); Frank Swart (Bass Acoustic); John Kirby (Synthesizer/Zither/Piano); Marco Giovino (Drums & Percussion); Robert DiPietro (Drums & Percussion); Sam Cohen (Guitar-Electric); Smokey Hormel (Guitar-Electric); Dave Wilder (Bass Guitar); Pete McNeal (Drums & Percussion); Peter Atanasoff (Guitar-Electric); Will Sayles (Percussion-Various); Sasha Dobson (Acoustic Guitar); Zac Rae (Synthesizer/Marimba/Vibraphone/Organ/Zither/Piano); Gus Seyffert (Bass Acoustic); Joey Waronker (Drums & Percussion); Lyle Workman (Guitar); Mike Martin (Vocals-Backing); Catherine Popper (Bass Guitar); Tony Scherr (Bass Guitar); James Poyser (Organ); Marc Ribot (Guitar-Electric/Banjo); James Gadson (Drums & Percussion); Jon Graboff (Pedal Steel Guitar); Jesse Harris (Guitar); Matt Stanfield (Synthesizer)

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