Donny Hathaway / Donny Hathaway Live


Released 1972
Discography Live
Venue Los Angeles, The Troubadour + New York, the Bitter End
Venue Date 24-30.Aug.1971 + 07.Okt.1971
Format CD
Label ATCO
1. What's Goin' On [Live] (5:18)
(Al Cleveland/Marvin Gaye/Renaldo Benson)
2. The Ghetto [Live] (12:08)
(Donny Hathaway/Leroy Hutson)
3. Hey Girl [Live] (4:03)
(Earl DeRouen)
4. You've Got a Friend [Live] (4:34)
(Carole King)
5. Little Ghetto Boy [Live] (4:29)
(Earl DeRouen)
6. We're Still Friends [Live] (5:12)
(Donny Hathaway/Glenn Watts)
7. Jealous Guy [Live] (3:08)
(#/John Lennon)
8. Voices Inside (Everything is Everything) [Live] (13:47)
(Phil Upchurch/Richard Evans/Ric Powell)
Album ID 2.181
Production Jerry Wexler (Producer); Arif Mardin (Producer)
Band Member Donny Hathaway (Vocals/Keyboards); Phil Upchurch (Guitar); Willie Weeks (Bass Guitar); Fred White (Drums & Percussion); Cornell Dupree (Guitar)

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