Bob Dylan / Self Portrait


Released 08.06.1970
Discography 10th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Columbia
1. All the Tired Horses [Album Version - Hidden] (3:12)
(#/Bob Dylan)
2. Alberta #1 (2:57)
(#/Bob Dylan)
3. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (2:22)
(#/Cecil A. Null)
4. Days of 49 (5:27)
(#/Alan Lomax/Frank Warner/John Lomax)
5. Early Mornin' Rain (3:34)
(#/Gordon Lightfoot)
6. In Search of Little Sadie (2:27)
(#/Bob Dylan)
7. Let it Be Me (3:00)
(#/Gilbert Bécaud/Mann Curtis/Pierre Delanoe)
8. Little Sadie (2:00)
9. Woogie Boogie (2:06)
(Bob Dylan)
10. Belle Isle (2:30)
11. Living the Blues (2:42)
(#/Bob Dylan)
12. Like a Rolling Stone (5:18)
(#/Bob Dylan)
13. Copper Kettle (The Pale Moonlight) (3:34)
(#/Alfred Frank Beddoe)
14. Gotta Travel on (3:08)
(#/David Lazar/Larry Ehrlich/Paul Clayton/Tom Six)
15. Blue Moon (2:29)
(#/Lorenz Hart/Richard Rodgers)
16. The Boxer (2:48)
(#/Paul Simon)
17. Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) (2:48)
(#/Bob Dylan)
18. Take Me as I am (Or Let Me Go) (3:03)
(#/Boudleaux Bryant)
19. Take a Message to Mary (2:46)
(#/Boudleaux Bryant/Felice Bryant)
20. It Hurts Me Too (3:15)
21. Minstrel Boy [Live] (3:32)
(#/Bob Dylan)
22. She Belongs to Me [Live] (2:43)
(#/Bob Dylan)
23. Wigwam (3:09)
(Bob Dylan)
24. Alberta #2 (3:14)
Album ID 2.152
Production Bob Johnston (Producer); Neil Wilburn (Engineer); Bob Dylan (Producer)
Band Member Albert Wynn Butler (Saxophone/Clarinet); Albertine Robinson (Vocals); Barry McDonald (Violin); Bill Pursell (Piano); Bob Dylan (Guitar-Electric/Keyboards-Various/Vocals/Harmonica); Bobby Moore (Bass Guitar); Bob Wilson (Organ/Piano); Brenton Banks (Violin); Bubba Fowler (Guitar); Byron Bach (Cello); Carol Montgomery (Vocals); Charlie Daniels (Bass Guitar); Charlie McCoy (Vibraphone/Bass Guitar/Guitar-Electric/Harmonica); David Bromberg (Bass Guitar/Guitar); Delores Edgin (Vocals); Dennis Good (Trombone); Doug Kershaw (Violin); Emanuel Green (Violin); Frank Smith (Trombone); Fred Carter, Jr. (Guitar-Electric); Fred Foster (Guitar-Electric); Freddie Hill (Trumpet); Garth Hudson (Keyboards-Various); Gene A. Mullins (Trumpet); George Binkley III (Violin); Hilda Harris (Vocals); Robbie Robertson (Vocals/Guitar-Electric); Joe Osborn (Bass Guitar); June Page (Vocals); Karl Himmel (Saxophone/Trombone/Clarinet); Kenneth Buttrey (Percussion-Various); Levon Helm (Percussion-Various/Mandolin/Vocals); Lilian Hunt (Violin); Maretha Stewart (Vocals); Martha McCrory (Cello); Martin Katahn (Violin); Marvin Chantry (Viola); Norman Blake (Guitar); Ollie Mitchell (Trumpet); Pete Drake (Guitar); Rex Peer (Trombone); Richard Manuel (Keyboards-Various/Piano); Rick Danko (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Ron Cornelius (Guitar); Sheldon Kurland (Violin); Solie Fott (Viola/Violin); Stu Woods (Bass Guitar); Al Kooper (Guitar-Electric/Keyboards-Various/Horn); Alvin Rogers (Percussion-Various)

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