Peter Gabriel / Peter Gabriel 3: Melt


Released 30.05.1980
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format CD
Label Charisma
1. Intruder (4:53)
(#/Peter Gabriel)
2. No Self Control (3:55)
(#/Peter Gabriel)
3. Start (1:20)
(Peter Gabriel)
4. I Don't Remember (4:41)
(#/Peter Gabriel)
5. Family Snapshot (4:28)
(#/Peter Gabriel)
6. And Through the Wire (5:00)
(#/Peter Gabriel)
7. Games Without Frontiers (4:06)
(#/Peter Gabriel)
8. Not One of Us (5:21)
(#/Peter Gabriel)
9. Lead a Normal Life (4:14)
(#/Peter Gabriel)
10. Biko (7:29)
(#/Peter Gabriel)
Album ID 2.142
Production Steve Lillywhite (Producer)
Studio London, Townhouse Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Peter Gabriel (Vocals/Piano/Synthesizer); Jerry Marotta (Drums & Percussion); John Giblin (Bass Guitar); Larry Fast (Synthesizer); Paul Weller (Guitar); Robert Fripp (Guitar); Dave Gregory (Guitar); Dick Morrissey (Saxophone); David Rhodes (Guitar/Vocals)
Guest Musician Phil Collins (Drums & Percussion); Kate Bush (Vocals-Backing)

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