Dave Loggins / Apprentice


Released 10.1974
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format CD
Label SMSP
1. Someday (3:22)
(Dave Loggins)
2. My Lover's Keeper (3:17)
(Dave Loggins)
3. Second Hand Lady (3:01)
(Dave Loggins)
4. Let Me Go Now [Single Version] (2:59)
(Dave Loggins)
5. So You Couldn't Get to Me (2:51)
(Dave Loggins)
6. Please Come to Boston [Single Version] (4:07)
(#/Dave Loggins)
7. Girl From Knoxville (2:54)
(Dave Loggins)
8. Sunset Woman (5:04)
(Dave Loggins)
9. My Father's Fiddle (4:50)
(Dave Loggins)
10. Wonder'n as the Days Go By (3:07)
(Dave Loggins)
Album ID 2.138
Production Dave Loggins (Producer); Glen Spreen (Producer); Jerry Crutchfield (Producer)
Band Member Farrell Morris (Percussion); Dave Loggins (Guitar/Vocals); Steve Gibson (Guitar); Kenny Malone (Drums & Percussion); William "Smitty" Smith (Piano); David Paul Briggs (Piano); Mac Gayden (Guitar); Johnny Gimble (Fiddle)

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