Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane / Rough Mix


Released 16.09.1977
Format CD
Label ATCO
1. My Baby Gives it Away (3:59)
(#/Pete Townshend)
2. Nowhere to Run (3:15)
(#/Ronnie Lane)
3. Rough Mix [Instrumental] (3:12)
(Pete Townshend/Ronnie Lane)
4. Annie (2:56)
(#/Ronnie Lane/Eric Clapton/Kit Lambert)
5. Keep Me Turning (3:46)
(#/Pete Townshend)
6. Catmelody (3:13)
(#/Ronnie Lane/Kit Lambert)
7. Misunderstood (3:01)
(#/Pete Townshend)
8. April Fool (3:34)
(#/Ronnie Lane)
9. Street in the City (6:08)
(#/Pete Townshend)
10. Heart to Hang Onto (4:29)
(#/Pete Townshend)
11. Till the Rivers All Run Dry (3:49)
(#/Don Williams/Wayland Holyfield)
Album ID 2.092
Production Glyn Johns (Producer)
Studio London, Olympic Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Pete Townshend (Guitar); Ronnie Lane (Bass Guitar); Charlie Watts (Drums & Percussion); Henry Spinetti (Drums & Percussion); John "Rabbit" Bundrick (Organ/Piano/Guitar-Electric); Pete Hope Evans (Harmonica); Eric Clapton (Guitar-Electric/Acoustic Guitar); Benny Gallagher (Accordion); Charlie Hart (Violin); David Marqués (Double bass); Graham Lyle (Acoustic Guitar); Ian Stewart (Piano); Mel Collins (Saxophone); Julian Diggle (Percussion-Various); Charles Vorsanger (Violin); Chris Green (Cello); Chris Laurence (Double bass); Steve Shingles (Viola); Raymond (Boz) Burrell (Double bass); John Entwistle (Horn/Vocals-Backing); Billy Nicholls (Vocals-Backing)

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