The Chieftains / The Long Black Veil


Released 24.01.1995
Format CD
Label RCA
1. Mo Ghile Mear(Our Hero) / The Chieftains with Sting (3:22)
2. The Long Black Veil / The Chieftains with Mick Jagger (3:37)
(#/Danny Dill/Marijohn Wilkin)
3. The Foggy Dew / The Chieftains with Sinéad O'Connor (5:20)
4. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You ? / The Chieftains with Van Morrison (4:39)
(#/Van Morrison)
5. Changing Your Demeanour (3:16)
(#/Kevin Conneff)
6. The Lily of the West / The Chieftains with Mark Knopfler (5:09)
7. Coast of Malabar / The Chieftains with Ry Cooder (6:00)
8. Dunmore Lassies [Instrumental] / The Chieftains with Ry Cooder (5:13)
9. Love is Teasin' / The Chieftains with Marianne Faithfull (4:36)
10. He Moved Through the Fair / The Chieftains with Sinéad O'Connor (4:54)
(#/Matt Molloy/Seán Keane)
11. Ferny Hill [Instrumental] (3:42)
(Matt Molloy/Seán Keane)
12. Tennessee Waltz / Tennessee Mazurka / The Chieftains with Tom Jones (3:58)
(#/Paddy Moloney/Pee Wee King/Redd Stewart)
13. The Rocky Road to Dublin / The Chieftains with Rolling Stones (5:05)
Album ID 2.072
Production Paddy Moloney (Producer/Mixing); Brian Masterson (Engineer/Mixing); Simon Osborne (Engineer); Chris Kimsey (Mixing/Producer/Engineer); Ry Cooder (Producer)
Band Member Martin Fay (Violin); Seán Keane (Violin); Derek Bell (Keyboards-Various/Harp); Kevin Conneff (Percussion-Various/Vocals); Matt Molloy (Flute); Paddy Moloney (Flute/Accordion); Joe Chivey (Bass Guitar); Noel Eccles (Drums & Percussion); Colin James (Mandolin/Guitar); Darryl Jones (Bass Acoustic); James Blennerhasset (Bass Guitar); Tommy Igoe (Drums & Percussion); Foggy Little (Guitar-Electric); Liam Bradley (Drums & Percussion); Nicky Scott (Bass Guitar); Phil Coulter (Piano); Brendan Begley (Accordion); Kieran Hanrahan (Banjo); James Keane (Accordion); Martin O'Connor (Accordion); Ned Mann (Bass Guitar); Arty McGlynn (Acoustic Guitar); John Leftwich (Bass Guitar); Wally Minko (Piano); Brian Masterson (Vocals-Backing)
Guest Musician Anuna Choir (Chorus/Choir); Sting (Vocals); Mick Jagger (Vocals); Ry Cooder (Mandolin/Guitar/Vocals); Sinéad O'Connor (Vocals); Van Morrison (Vocals); Mark Knopfler (Guitar); Marianne Faithfull (Vocals); Tom Jones (Vocals); Rolling Stones (Vocals)

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