Joe Bonamassa / You & Me


Released 06.06.2006
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Provogue
1. High Water Everywhere (4:06)
(#/Charlie Patton)
2. Bridge to Better Days (5:07)
(#/Joe Bonamassa)
3. Asking Around for You (4:17)
(#/Joe Bonamassa/Mike Himelstein)
4. So Many Roads (7:05)
(#/Marshall Paul)
5. I Don't Believe (3:22)
(Manuel Charles/Don Robey)
6. Tamp Em Up Solid (2:30)
(#/Ry Cooder)
7. Django [Instrumental] (4:56)
(Robert Bosmans/Etienne Lefebvre)
8. Tea for One (9:34)
(#/Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)
9. Palm Trees, Helicopters and Gasoline [Instrumental] (1:47)
(Joe Bonamassa)
10. Your Funeral and My Trial (2:59)
(#/Sonny Boy Williamson II)
11. Torn Down (4:28)
(#/Joe Bonamassa/Gregg Sutton)
Album ID 2.066
Production Joe Bonamassa (Executive Producer); Kevin Shirley (Mixing/Producer)
Studio New York, Unique Recording Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Joe Bonamassa (Guitar-Electric/Vocals); Carmine Rojas (Bass Guitar); Jason Bonham (Drums & Percussion); Rick Melick (Organ/Piano); Jeff Bova (Synthesizer/Keyboards)

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