Joe Bonamassa / Driving Towards the Daylight


Released 22.05.2012
Discography 10th Studio Album
Format CD
Label J&R Adventures
1. Dislocated Boy (6:39)
(#/Joe Bonamassa)
2. Stones in My Passway (3:57)
(#/Robert Johnson)
3. Driving Towards the Daylight (4:50)
(#/Joe Bonamassa/Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar)
4. Who's Been Talking (3:28)
(#/Howlin' Wolf)
5. I Got All You Need (3:03)
(#/Willie Dixon)
6. A Place in My Heart (6:47)
(#/Bernie Mardsen)
7. Lonely Town Lonely Street (7:07)
(#/Bill Withers)
8. Heavenly Soul (5:55)
(#/Joe Bonamassa)
9. New Coat of Paint (4:06)
(#/Tom Waits)
10. Somewhere Trouble Don't Go (4:58)
(#/Buddy Miller)
11. Too Much Ain't Enough Love / Joe Bonamassa feat. Jimmy Barnes (5:37)
(#/Jimmy Barnes)
Album ID 2.061
Production Kevin Shirley (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, The Village Recorder (Recording Location); Malibu, CA The Cave (Recording Location)
Band Member Joe Bonamassa (Vocals/Guitar/Dobro); Anton Fig (Drums & Percussion); Brad Whitford (Guitar); Michael Rhodes (Bass Guitar); Arlan Schierbaum (Organ/Piano); Doug Henthorn (Vocals-Backing); Carmine Rojas (Bass Guitar); Blondie Chaplin (Guitar)

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