Buffalo Springfield / Last Time Around


Released 30.07.1968
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format CD
Label ATCO
1. On the Way Home (2:33)
(#/Neil Young)
2. It's So Hard to Wait (2:09)
(#/Neil Young/Richie Furay)
3. Pretty Girl Why (2:27)
(#/Stephen Stills)
4. Four Days Gone (2:57)
(#/Stephen Stills)
5. Carefree Country Day (2:42)
(#/Jim Messina)
6. Special Care (3:38)
(#/Stephen Stills)
7. The Hour of Not Quite Rain (3:50)
(#/Richie Furay/Micki Callen/Bruce Palmer)
8. Questions (3:00)
(#/Stephen Stills)
9. I am a Child (2:25)
(#/Neil Young)
10. Merry-Go-Round (2:08)
(#/Richie Furay)
11. Uno Mundo (2:05)
(#/Stephen Stills)
12. Kind Woman (4:11)
(#/Richie Furay)
Album ID 2.060
Production Jim Messina (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Sunset Sound Studios (Recording Location); New York, Atlantic Studios (Recording Location); Hollywood, Sunset Sound Recorders (Recording Location)
Band Member Stephen Stills (Piano/Vocals/Guitar); Richie Furay (Guitar/Vocals); Dewey Martin (Drums & Percussion); Jim Messina (Bass Guitar); Bruce Palmer (Bass Guitar); Neil Young (Guitar-Electric/Vocals)

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