Gov't Mule / The Deep End


Released 2001
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format 3 CD
Label ATO Records
The Deep End, Vol. 1
1. Fool's Moon (5:52)
(#/Warren Haynes)
2. Life on the Outside (3:47)
(#/Warren Haynes)
3. Banks of the Deep End (5:57)
(#/Warren Haynes/Mike Gordon/Joseph Linitz)
4. Down and Out in New York City (6:12)
(#/Barry De Vorzon/Gene Chandler)
5. Effigy (9:06)
(#/John Fogerty)
6. Maybe I'm a Leo (6:08)
(#/Ritchie Blackmore/Ian Gillan/Roger Glover/Jon Lord/Ian Paice)
7. Same Price (3:36)
(#/Warren Haynes)
8. Soulshine (7:47)
(#/Warren Haynes)
9. Sco-Mule [Instrumental] (6:11)
(Warren Haynes)
10. Worried Down with the Blues (8:44)
(#/Warren Haynes/Allen Woody/John Jaworowicz)
11. Beautifully Broken (6:01)
(#/Warren Haynes/Danny Louis)
12. Tear Me Down (6:10)
(#/Warren Haynes)
13. Sin's a Good Man's Brother (4:15)
(#/Mark Farner)
The Deep End, Vol. 2
1. Trying Not to Fall (5:30)
(#/Warren Haynes/Danny Louis)
2. Time to Confess (5:45)
(#/Warren Haynes)
3. Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy (Part 1) (3:24)
(#/Warren Haynes/Matt Abts/Les Claypool)
4. Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy (Part 2) (3:35)
(#/Warren Haynes/Matt Abts/Les Claypool)
5. What is Hip? (6:23)
(#/Emilio Castillo/Stephen "Doc" Kupka/David Garibaldi)
6. World of Confusion (5:54)
(#/Warren Haynes/Gary Lucas)
7. Hammer and Nails (7:58)
(#/David Hess/Aaron H. Schoeder)
8. Slow Happy Boys (6:27)
(#/Warren Haynes)
9. Sun Dance [Instrumental] (6:12)
(Warren Haynes/Johnny Neel)
10. Lay of the Sunflower (6:58)
(#/Warren Haynes/Robert Hunter)
11. Catfish Blues (7:54)
12. Which Way Do We Run? (5:33)
(#/Warren Haynes)
13. Babylon Turnpike [Instrumental] (8:09)
(Warren Haynes/Johnny Neel)
The Deep End : Hidden Treasures
1. Blind Man in the Dark (7:06)
(#/Warren Haynes)
2. Fallen Down (13:29)
(#/Warren Haynes)
3. Jesus Just Left Chicago (10:02)
(#/Billy Gibbons/Frank Beard/Dusty Hill)
4. Soulshine (4:58)
(#/Warren Haynes)
5. Drivin' Rain (4:10)
(#/Warren Haynes)
6. Rocking Horse (6:42)
(#/Warren Haynes/Allen Woody/Gregg Allman/Jack Pearson)
7. Lay Your Burden Down (5:44)
(#/Warren Haynes)
8. Sco-Mule [Instrumental] (3:08)
(Warren Haynes)
Album ID 2.056
Production Warren Haynes (Producer); Michael Barbiero (Producer); Les Claypool (Producer)
Band Member Matt Abts (Drums & Percussion); Warren Haynes (Guitar/Vocals)
Guest Musician Jack Bruce (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Larry Graham (Bass Guitar); Mike Gordon (Bass Guitar); Michael 'Flea' Balzary (Bass Guitar); Mike Watt (Bass Guitar); Roger Glover (Bass Guitar); John Entwistle (Bass Guitar); Willie Weeks (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Christopher Wood (Bass Guitar); Oteil Burbridge (Bass Guitar); Stefan Lessard (Bass Guitar); Bootsy Collins (Bass Guitar); Dave Schools (Bass Guitar); Jason Newsted (Bass Guitar); George Porter, Jr. (Bass Guitar); Art Neville (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Les Claypool (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Rocco Prestia (Bass Guitar); Johnny Neel (Organ/Piano); Tony Levin (Bass Guitar); Gary Lucas (Guitar); Me'Shell Ndegeocello (Bass Guitar); Jack Casady (Bass Guitar); Chuck Leavell (Organ/Keyboards); Pete Sears (Piano); Chris Squire (Bass Guitar); Phil Lesh (Bass Guitar); Billy Cox (Bass Guitar); Danny Louis (Keyboards); Alphonso Johnson (Bass Guitar); Page McConnell (Keyboards/Organ); James Hetfield (Vocals); John Scofield (Guitar)

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