Beth Hart / Leave the Light on


Released 21.10.2003
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format CD
Label Koch Records
1. Lifts You Up (3:38)
(#/Beth Hart/Gregg Sutton/Bob Thiele)
2. Leave the Light on (4:02)
(#/Beth Hart/Oliver Leiber)
3. Bottle of Jesus (3:18)
(#/Beth Hart/Glen Burtnik)
4. World Without You (4:11)
(#/Oliver Leiber/John Shanks)
5. Lay Your Hands on Me (4:12)
(#/Beth Hart/Jon Nichols)
6. Broken & Ugly (3:23)
(#/Beth Hart)
7. Lifetime (4:10)
(#/Beth Hart)
8. If God Only Knew (3:45)
(#/Beth Hart/Gregg Sutton)
9. Monkey Back (3:20)
(#/Beth Hart/Jon Nichols)
10. Sky Full of Clover (4:02)
(#/Beth Hart)
11. I'll Stay with You (4:24)
(#/Beth Hart)
Album ID 2.043
Production E.T. Thorngren (Producer/Mixing); Oliver Leiber (Producer); Michael Bradford (Producer); Danny Saber (Producer)
Studio Hollywood, Larrabee Sound Studios (Recording Location); Hollywood, Jim Hensen Recording Studios (Recording Location); Chunky Style Studios (Recording Location); New Zealand, Stebbing Recording Centre (Recording Location)
Band Member Beth Hart (Vocals/Piano); Bernie Pershey (Drums & Percussion); Tom Lilly (Bass Guitar); Kip Packard (Guitar); Chris Smith (Organ); Albert Molinaro (Bass Guitar); Oliver Leiber (Guitar); Patrick Warren (Keyboards); Greg Leisz (Pedal Steel Guitar); Jon Nichols (Guitar); Jerry Hey (Horn); Dan Higgins (Saxophone); Dave Raven (Drums & Percussion); Jorgen Carlsson (Bass Guitar); Danny Saber (Guitar/Bass Guitar); Brady Blade (Drums & Percussion); Jimmie Bones (Organ); Michael Bradford (Piano/Keyboards/Guitar); Scott Miracle (Drums & Percussion); Richard Baker (Organ); Kevin Cloud (Drums & Percussion); Sergio Gonzalez (Drums & Percussion); Russ Kunkel (Drums & Percussion)

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