Neil Young & The International Harvesters / A Treasure


Released 14.06.2011
Discography Live
Venue U.S.A Tour
Venue Date 1984 - 1985
Format CD
Label Reprise Records
1. Amber Jean [Previously Unreleased - Live] (3:17)
(#/Neil Young)
2. Are You Ready for the Country? [Live] (3:38)
(#/Neil Young)
3. It Might Have Been [Live] (2:43)
(#/Harriet Kane/Ronnie Green)
4. Bound for Glory [Live] (5:58)
(#/Neil Young)
5. Let Your Fingers Do the Walking [Previously Unreleased - Live] (3:03)
(#/Neil Young)
6. Flying on the Ground is Wrong [Live] (4:47)
(#/Neil Young)
7. Motor City [Live] (3:22)
(#/Neil Young)
8. Soul of a Woman [Previously Unreleased - Live] (4:27)
(#/Neil Young)
9. Get Back to the Country [Live] (2:31)
(#/Neil Young)
10. Southern Pacific [Live] (7:52)
(#/Neil Young)
11. Nothing is Perfect [Previously Unreleased - Live] (5:01)
(#/Neil Young)
12. Grey Riders [Previously Unreleased - Live] (5:58)
(#/Neil Young)
Album ID 2.036
Production Neil Young (Producer); Ben Keith (Producer)
Band Member Neil Young (Guitar/Vocals); Karl Himmel (Drums & Percussion); Rufus Thibodeaux (Fiddle); Spooner Oldham (Piano); Tim Drummond (Bass Guitar); Anthony Crawford (Guitar/Banjo); Ben Keith (Steel-Guitar/Vocals); Hargus Robbins (Piano); Joe Allen (Bass Guitar); Matraca Berg (Vocals-Backing); Tracy Nelson (Vocals-Backing)

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