Steve Miller / Greatest Hits 1974-1978


Released 1978
Discography Compilation
Format LP
Label Mercury
A1. Swingtown (3:29)
(#/Chris McCarty)
A2. Jungle Love (3:09)
(#/Lonnie Turner/Greg Douglass)
A3. Take the Money and Run (2:50)
(#/Steve Miller)
A4. Rock'n' Me (3:06)
(#/Steve Miller)
A5. Serenade (3:10)
(#/Chris McCarty)
A6. True Fine Love (2:40)
(#/Steve Miller)
A7. The Stake (3:57)
(#/David Denny)
B1. The Joker (3:36)
(#/Steve Miller/Ahmet Ertegun/Eddie Curtis)
B2. Fly Like an Eagle (3:02)
(#/Steve Miller)
B3. Threshold [Instrumental] (1:06)
(Steve Miller/Byron Allred)
B4. Jet Airliner (3:36)
(#/Paul Pena)
B5. Dance, Dance, Dance (2:17)
(#/Steve Miller/Jason Cooper/Brenda Cooper)
B6. Winter Time (3:11)
(#/Steve Miller)
B7. Wild Mountain Honey (4:52)
(#/Steve McCarty)
Album ID 203
Production Jay Ranellucci (Engineer); Steve Miller (Producer)
Band Member David Denny (Guitar-Electric/Acoustic Guitar); Greg Douglass (Guitar-Electric/Acoustic Guitar); Steve Miller (Vocals/Guitar-Electric/Acoustic Guitar); Byron Allred (Keyboards); Lonnie Turner (Bass Guitar); Norton Buffalo (Harmonica); Gary Mallabar (Drums & Percussion)

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