Roger Daltrey / Ride a Rock Horse


Released 04.07.1975
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Polydor
A1. Come And Get Your Love (3:46)
(#/Russ Ballard)
A2. Hearts Right (3:02)
(#/Paul Korda)
A3. Oceans Away (3:17)
(#/Phillip Goodhand-Tait)
A4. Proud (4:54)
(#/Russ Ballard)
A5. World Over (3:11)
(#/Paul Korda)
B1. Near to Surrender (2:35)
(#/Russ Ballard)
B2. Feeling (4:38)
(#/Paul Korda)
B3. Walking the Dog (4:37)
(#/Rufus Thomas)
B4. Milk Train (3:21)
(#/Dominic Bugatti/Frank Musker)
B5. Born to Sing Your Song (4:36)
(#/Chris Neal/Donny Marchand)
Album ID 2.020
Production Russ Ballard (Producer)
Band Member Roger Daltrey (Vocals); Russ Ballard (Guitar/Keyboards); Dave Wintour (Bass Guitar); Stuart Francis (Drums & Percussion); Henry Spinetti (Drums & Percussion); Phillip Goodhand-Tait (Piano); Paul Korda (Piano)

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