Temple of the Dog / Temple of the Dog


Released 16.04.1991
Format CD
Label A&M Records
1. Say Hello 2 Heaven (6:24)
(#/Chris Cornell)
2. Reach Down (11:12)
(#/Chris Cornell)
3. Hunger Strike (4:06)
(#/Chris Cornell)
4. Pushin' Forward Back (3:45)
(#/Chris Cornell/Stone Gossard/Jeff Ament)
5. Call Me a Dog (5:04)
(#/Chris Cornell)
6. Times of Trouble (5:42)
(#/Chris Cornell/Stone Gossard)
7. Wooden Jesus (4:10)
(#/Chris Cornell)
8. Your Savior (4:04)
(#/Chris Cornell)
9. Four Walled World (6:54)
(#/Chris Cornell/Stone Gossard)
10. All Night Thing (3:51)
(#/Chris Cornell)
Album ID 1.989
Production Chris Cornell (Producer); Jeff Ament (Producer); Matt Cameron (Producer); Mike McCready (Producer); Rick Parashar (Mastering/Producer); Stone Gossard (Producer)
Studio Seattle, WA, London Bridge Studios (Recording Location); Los Angeles, A&M Mastering Studios (Mastering Location)
Band Member Chris Cornell (Harmonica/Vocals/Banjo); Jeff Ament (Bass Guitar); Matt Cameron (Drums & Percussion); Mike McCready (Guitar-Electric); Stone Gossard (Acoustic Guitar/Guitar-Electric)

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