Foreigner / Foreigner


Released 08.03.1977
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format CD
Label Atlantic
1. Feels Like the First Time (3:53)
(#/Michael "Mick" Jones)
2. Cold as Ice (3:24)
(#/Michael "Mick" Jones/Lou Gramm)
3. Starrider (4:03)
(#/Michael "Mick" Jones)
4. Headknocker (3:03)
(#/Michael "Mick" Jones)
5. The Damage is Done (4:19)
(#/Michael "Mick" Jones)
6. Long, Long Way From Home (2:56)
(#/Michael "Mick" Jones/Lou Gramm/Ian McDonald)
7. Woman Oh Woman (3:53)
(#/Michael "Mick" Jones)
8. At War with the World (4:26)
(#/Michael "Mick" Jones)
9. Fool for You Anyway (4:17)
(#/Michael "Mick" Jones)
10. I Need You (5:12)
(#/Michael "Mick" Jones)
Album ID 1.975
Production Gary Lyons (Producer); John Sinclair (Producer)
Studio New York, Record Plant Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Dennis Elliott (Drums & Percussion/Vocals-Backing); Ed Gagliardi (Bass Guitar); Al Greenwood (Keyboards); Lou Gramm (Vocals); Michael "Mick" Jones (Keyboards/Guitar/Vocals); Ian McDonald (Keyboards)

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